It’s true when they say we are always on a never ending journey of self discovery . Just when I thought I somehow got myself figured out even just a little , I get thrown for another loop. I’m a stranger to myself once more .

I discovered something about myself recently and it has got me a little baffled . Just the past few weeks , I got involved with so much , made a break through with pushing through my social barriers and meeting a wonderful bunch of friends . Ones that are so active in arranging all kinds of activities , actively asking me to come out and everything . Something that many out there dream to have .

However I found that the more communication fluttered around me , the more activities/invites thrown at me , the more distant I felt and the need to disappear grew stronger, the more I hid away and be away from it all . It’s not the first time I have felt this way and I still don’t have an explanation for it .

I never experienced where the introvert side of me has been this overpowering and suffocating 


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