I was inspired to write about this when I witnessed a coworker of mine that had just prepped muffin batter ready to place it on the rack . She missed the tray and it slipped out of her fingers falling to the floor . Her immediate reaction was dreading all over it and almost deeming the rest of her day being over.
However I walked over crouching to help her clean up . I then reminded her that it’s just the one tray , it could have been a lot worse and that it can easily be cleaned up . I told her not to let this one situation ruin it for the rest of the day, that really it’s your perception and attitude towards it that will truly determine the fate of your day after that. 
Whether the situation was truly a dreadful one , in most cases it can be recovered just by taking the time to pause for a moment to observe the situation.
We as humans are so quick to judge a situation so prematurely, so eager to judge the fate of our whole day and the mood we put ourselves and then allowing our emotions predict every move blindly after that . It then leads to a greater disaster that we no longer have control over leaving us in end filled with guilt and great regret . It’s a vicious endless cycle that everyone repeats without noticing it .
“Shakespeare says ‘For there is nothing either good or bad , but thinking makes it so”
“We all have negative self talk . There is no such thing as an eternal optimist. There are people who feel optimistic , but those people have negative self-talk too. And that’s okay . The problem isn’t that we have negative thoughts in our brain 
The problem is we think we shouldn’t have negative thoughts ”
These are three quotes I pulled out from many of my readings lately . What they say is true , often it’s our own busy minds that we immerse ourselves with never ending thoughts and theories that is proven to be the one that’s toxic to us and not the situations themselves .
At the same time , we feel that sharing anything negative can be seen as weakness , a flaw or a burden to another . We also fear that it makes us seem abnormal , like there is something wrong with us . However no matter how perfect ppl seem , we all have our share of problems and imperfections . Learning to opening up and sharing more gives us a chance to become better familiar with what truly bothers us and why . We only fear the unknown and working to shine a light on it and trying to extinguish that fear makes the situation less intimidating ,a little easier to work with and to find possible solutions.


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