The first few days in of being disconnected from social media and convenient communication . My mind and spirit have calmed back down so much.
I stopped thinking too far ahead of my future and trying to get there. I stopped comparing myself to everything going on around me since I shut things down because there was nothing left laying around to compare it with except my own .  
I first began by working on the bare necessities of self care . I just aimed at simply getting straight home everyday , opening up the windows to clear out my lungs from working in the kitchens and having that very long nap + full sleep . I then tried to force myself to eat as much as I could whenever I can .
Since the rough days began , I couldn’t sleep for weeks , my appetite poor , I barely ate and eventually I grew weak . I struggled to get anything into my stomach but I couldn’t without feeling like I was gonna get ill.
The first few weeks was dedicated to taking care of my physical health and over the next few weeks I began to slowly cut myself slowly from the busy noisy world .
From then I picked up the first book to start reading again , practice deep meditations and kept this going up to the end of last week .
I’m back to full health again and feel stronger than ever . Next step I just began was cutting further communication with the world, leaving to only be contacted by text or message on my phone . It’s only been a day or so but I’ll see what lays ahead for me as I continue to record what I feel and the changes I go through mentally and spiritually .


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